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Red Hen at Home

Red Hen at Home is a new way to enjoy the bounty of the Shenandoah Valley, Red Hen-style, in your own kitchen.

With our new Red Hen Meal Kits, you get locally sourced meats, fresh produce, hand-made Red Hen spice blends, and all the rest of the ingredients you need to create a delicious meal for two to four people. Easy-to-follow recipes, created by Chef Matt Adams, plus a little after-dinner treat.

Take the hassle out of dinner! No buying ingredients you’ll only use part of. No worry that you forgot something at the store. Just the simple enjoyment of cooking.

New Meal Kit menu every Friday.

Two ways to buy:
  1. PRE-ORDER online. With one week’s notice, we’ll have your kit ready and waiting for you in the cooler at Washington Street Purveyors, next door to the restaurant at 9 E. Washington Street
  2. SHOP what’s in stock. We fill the cooler at Washington Street Purveyors with the pre-orders and a few extra of every kit, so if you haven’t ordered one ahead of time, you still might find the perfect dinner!

To see what’s available, check our Red Hen at Home Facebook Page.

To pre-order kits, go to our Order Page.

Red Hen Customer Survey
Red Hen at Home Customer Survey
Thanks for taking the time to help us improve what we do. Please click here to take a 10-question survey on our new Red Hen at Home meal kits in a separate window.