Inspired Shenandoah Cuisine

Inside the Red HenThe Red Hen, founded in 2008, is Lexington’s first farm-to-table restaurant, featuring the bounty of the Shenandoah Valley.

Each day we create a new menu based on the freshest and tastiest produce and meat, whether it is a ribeye steak from cattle raised by the Potter family, who have been farming in nearby Collierstown for seven generations, or a beet risotto using vegetables from Rancho Calixto, a family farm founded by immigrants from Mexico. This dedication to local food means each dish preserves the intricate flavors of the land. It’s also good for the environment and our local economy.

Our style of dining has been featured in the pages of The Washington Post, Southern Living, The Wall Street Journal, Edible Blue Ridge, The Roanoke Times, and Virginia Living. The renovation of the late-19th-century red brick, gingerbread-trimmed building won the Founder’s Award from the Lexington Historic Foundation in 2008.