Each day we create a new menu based on the freshest and tastiest produce and meat, whether it is a ribeye steak from cattle raised by the Potter family, who have been farming in nearby Collierstown for seven generations, or a beet risotto using vegetables handpicked by 2 Farmers & Jo. This dedication to local food means each dish preserves the intricate flavors of the land. It’s also good for the environment and our local economy. ** PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A SAMPLE MENU. It is subject to change on a daily basis. **


540.464.4401 ~ 11 E. Washington St ~ Tue – Sat 5 – 9ish



Local Greens Salad $9

 Marinated Tomatoes & Pickled Onions / Fresh Herb & Grana Padano Dressing

Smoked Salmon Gribiche $9

Flying Fox Farm Duck Eggs / Coriander / Cucumber & Radish

Classic Steak Tartare $9

Buffalo Creek Beef / Palmers Prairie Quail Egg / House Baguette

Cheese & Crackers $12

Selection of 3 Cheeses from “Cheese to You”/ Lavosh / Accoutrements


Trout Grenobloise $26

Parsnip Puree / Stonehouse Farm Swiss Chard / Mrs Hayes’s Heirloom Tomatoes

Pan-Seared Pork Chop $28

Wades Mill Goat Cheese Grits / Caramelized Sunflower Flats Onions / Dijon Jus

Braised Leg of Lamb $25

Shenandoah Lamb Co. Lamb / Harissa-spiced Wades Mill Polenta / Fennel & Dill Salad

Chanterelle & Scape Risotto $24

Mountain Laurel Chanterelle Mushrooms / 2 Farmers & Jo Scape Fricassée / 2yr Aged Pecorino

Steak & Potatoes $27

Buffalo Creek Beef Steak / Bell Pepper Anchoiade / Potato Puree


Peaches & Blackberries Shortcake $9

 Mrs. Hayes’ Macerated Peaches / Fairwinds and Free Wheeling Farms Blackberries / Flying Fox Farm Duck Egg Shortcake

Classic Brownie $9

Sweet Things Sweet Cream Ice Cream / Cocoa Mill Chocolate / Chocolate Ganache 

Lemon Meringue $9

Lemon Cream / Paradox Farm Italian Meringue

Cheese & Crackers $12

Selection of 3 Cheeses from “Cheese to You”